Prof. B. K. Soni

I have a dream wherein P. S. G. V. P. Mandal’s G. M. Chaudhari Polytechnic College and the product of college are rated the best in the among the all in term of their social responsibility, humility, academic brilliance and above all their Indian-ness in this global and competitive world.
This can happen if and only if the alumni who are spread across the world working in various sectors of economy be it finance, marketing, HR, Information Technology, Entertainment Industry, Sports etc. come back to the college and spend some of their valuable time with the current set of students and share their experiences, expertise and knowledge which in turn will benefit the students and add value to their academics.

I am eagerly looking forward to meet the illustrious alumnus of the college, the past Principals and the faculty members and relive the glory and walk on the path of success that I have inherited. The sincere, dedicated and earnest efforts taken by them have made what the College is today.

I once again appeal to the alumni members to get connected with your alma mater and also request our current students to assist us in the process of getting connected with our alumni members.